Founded by Doug and Lisa Williams.

Vidalia Carpet Center has been in business since 1994 and is owned by Doug and Lisa Williams. Before opening the store, Doug worked in the flooring business for 8 years and then took a short break to pursue other interests. He wasn’t gone long, however, as he soon realized that he wanted to open his own business and use the skills and knowledge he had learned while working in the flooring industry. In 1997, Doug’s wife, Lisa left her job at Plant Hatch to join him at Vidalia Carpet Center. They had two young boys at the time, Justin and Tanner, who grew up in and around their flooring business. Both boys eventually worked at the store during their high school years and Justin currently works at their second family business, Vidalia Golf Carts.

As the flooring trends began to change, Vidalia Carpet Center changed right along with them.  Slowly, carpet and sheet vinyl began to be used less frequently as wood flooring and ceramic and porcelain tile grew in popularity. Doug and Lisa are both committed to making sure their customers have a great experience by offering competitive pricing and free estimates and design services, all while keeping up with current trends and offering the best customer service around. 

Doug has 38 years of experience in flooring and he has pretty much seen it all. He is known for standing behind his work and for only using the most skilled flooring installers with experienced crews. He manages to do this while also maintaining pricing that rivals the big box stores and customer service that surpasses all expectations. The entire staff of Vidalia Carpet Center cares about their customers and are honored to play a part in making their homes or businesses a place they can be proud of.